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September 24 2018

Dahl Class (Yr 5 and 6)


In Roald Dahl class we are a diverse group of learners who join together and support one another. We know how we learn best and strive to take risks and to be challenged. We find the fun in our learning and are keen to share independent learning with each other. Our favourite lessons are Science, forest schools and English as we enjoy hands on experiences. We also enjoy recommending books, telling stories and creating pictures.

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Home Learning

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Homework Aut 1 (Num1) 4:07 pm 09/06/2021532.4k

Homework Aut 1 Num 2 7:18 pm 09/19/2021587.8k

Homework Aut 1 Num 3 9:51 pm 10/03/2021528.8k