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May 10 2018



Thank you for your interest in our Academy.  If you are considering enrolling your child at Bedmond Academy or would like further information, please contact our office on 01923 262825.


Admissions into Nursery for September 2022

(For children born between 01/09/2018 and 31/08/2019).  

Hertfordshire County Council are no longer involved with Nursery admissions and parents need to apply directly to our school. Bedmond Academy has 30 places in our morning Nursery.


Please ee our key dates for Nursery Admissions for 2022/23 below.

Applications Open November 2021
Applications Close Friday 25th February 2022
Offer letters sent by school to parents/carers Monday 7th March 2022
Deadline to accept your place and return paperwork to school Friday 18th March 2022

For more information, please read our Nursery Admissions Arrangements for 2022/23 document below.

Nursery Application Form 2022-2023



Admission into Reception for September 2022

(For children born between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2018). 

Parents can apply online from Monday 1st November 2021 and the closing date is Saturday 15th January 2022.  The last date to make a late application to be considered for allocation day is Friday 4th March 2022.  School places will be offered on Tuesday 19th April 2022.  Parents of Nursery children MUST apply.  If you would like to apply, you can find all the information you need via


If you would like to arrange a Reception visit, please contact the office on 01923 262825 or send an email to

In- Year admissions

Moving schools at any point between Reception and Year 6 is called an “In Year” admission.  With effect from Friday 28th June 2019, Hertfordshire County Council are no longer involved with In Year admissions and if parents wish to make an In Year application, you will need to apply directly to Bedmond Academy. To apply for a place at our school, please complete the Application Form below and return it directly to the school office.  Alternatively, paper copies are available for collection from the school office.

For enquires relating to in-year admissions, please contact our school office on 01923 262825 or e-mail


Secondary and Under-11s admissions

For more details on admissions for children starting or changing school in September 2020, we suggest you visit the Herts Direct website here:

Academy Admission Appeals

Hertfordshire County Council takes responsibility for all new entry and in year appeals for the Academy.  Hertfordshire Appeals can be accessed here.