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Addendum to HS Policy Sept 20 (296.3k)
Aspire Academies Accessibility Statement and Plan 2024 (767.5k)
Aspire Academies Anti Bullying Policy 2024 (239.6k)
Aspire Academies Behaviour Policy 2023 (1M)
Aspire Academies Charging and Remissions Policy 2023 (418.8k)
Aspire Academies Charging and Remissions Policy 2024 (405.5k)
Aspire Academies Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy 2023 (466.9k)
Aspire Academies EYFS Policy 2022 (201.7k)
Aspire Academies Equality and Diversity Policy 2023 (800.5k)
Aspire Academies Health and Safety Policy 2023 (889.7k)
Aspire Academies Home School Partnership Agreement 2022 (713.5k)
Aspire Academies Managing Aggressive Behaviour from Parents or Visitors Policy 2021 (986.1k)
Aspire Academies Managing Safeguarding Concerns and Allegations Against Staff Policy 2022 (253.2k)
Aspire Academies Online Safety Policy 2023 (805.4k)
Aspire Academies Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022 (1.3M)
Aspire Academies Remote Education Policy 2024 (676.9k)
Aspire Academies SEND Policy 2023 (817k)
Aspire Academies Safer Recruitment Policy Sept 2023 (389.3k)
Aspire Academies Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2023 (953.3k)
Aspire Academies Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Policy April 2023 (3) (1M)
Aspire Academies Trust Covid19 Risk Assessment V17 April 2022 (1023.8k)
Aspire Academies Trust Supplementary Risk Assessment Additional Controls Event Outbreak Jan 2022 (596.7k)
Aspire Academies Whistleblowing Policy 2023 (640.7k)
Aspire Child Protection Policy July 2023 (775.8k)
Aspire Safeguarding Policy July 2023 (872.8k)
BA Aspire Attendance Policy Summer 2023 (1.1M)
Behaviour Policy Appendix 2 V2 (530.9k)
Concerns and Complaints Policy 2024 (420.9k)
Covid Outbreak Contingency Plan Jan 2022 Final (688.5k)
Feedback, Marking and Presentation Policy (615k)
Handwriting Policy NEW (210.7k)
KCSIE 2023 (400.7k)
Relational Policy Sept 2020 (936.5k)
Written Calculation Policy (3M)

GDPR Policies and Privacy Notices