Bedmond Academy
May 10 2018



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Addendum to HS Policy Sept 20 (296.3k)
Aspire Academies Accessibility Policy and Plan (267.1k)
Aspire Academies Attendance Policy (466.1k)
Aspire Academies Child Protection Policy September 2020 (1M)
Aspire Academies Complaints Policy V5 0919 (1) (354.1k)
Aspire Academies E Safety Policy (655.7k)
Aspire Academies EYFS Policy (234.1k)
Aspire Academies Equality and Diversity Policy 2016 (389.9k)
Aspire Academies Exclusions Policy Nov 17 (1.6M)
Aspire Academies Extended Schools Policy (487.5k)
Aspire Academies Health and Safety Policy September 19 (562.8k)
Aspire Academies Home School Agreement 2018 (239.6k)
Aspire Academies Intimate Care Policy (264.1k)
Aspire Academies Looked After Children Policy (368.4k)
Aspire Academies Lost or Missing Child Policy (422.1k)
Aspire Academies Physical Interventions Policy (565.1k)
Aspire Academies SEN Information Report May Update 2020 (418k)
Aspire Academies Safer Recruitment Policy Sept 18 (327.1k)
Aspire Academies Social Media Policy (335.7k)
Aspire Academies Staff Disciplinary Policy Spring 2019 V2 (273.5k)
Aspire Academies Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy V2 0919 (271.8k)
Aspire Academies Trust Pupil Premium Policy (252.1k)
Aspire Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy (360.5k)
Aspire Online Safety Policy 2019 (554.1k)
Charging and Remissions Policy 2019 (320.9k)
Exclusions Policy (1.6M)
Feedback, Marking and Presentation Policy (615k)
GDPR Data Protection Policy (597k)
Handwriting Policy (148.5k)
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020 (938.9k)
Managing Aggressive Behaviour from Parents or Visitors Policy January 2018 (414.9k)
Maths Calculation Policy 2017 (961.5k)
Online Teaching and Learning Policy (459.6k)
Relational Policy Sept 2020 (936.5k)
Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy (1.3M)
SEN Policy Aspire 2019 (400.6k)
Whistleblowing Policy Autumn 19 (298.5k)



GDPR Policies and Privacy Notices