Bedmond Academy
September 24 2018

Years 5/6


We are year 5/6. Our teacher is Miss Ayrton and our learning support assistants are Mrs Wilton in the morning and Mrs Palladino in the afternoon.

We are a very active bunch who are uniquely wonderful. We each recognise that it is OK to be different and that,  when we combine all of our individual traits, we make an awesome class.  Our daily school life consists of learning, challenge, yoga and the odd game of ‘man hunt’, although we also benefit from meditation, our wellie walks and lots of visuals in our learning.

Our skill set grows every day  as we always turn up with our power buttons on, ready to learn. Our favourite subjects differ between person to person but our ‘togetherness’  always comes out; especially during practical maths lessons, drama activities and scientific experiments. We are not afraid to get our hands (and sometimes our uniforms) dirty as we get stuck into the problem we are tackling that lesson. Every person in our team walks away from a week feeling proud, with the want to share  something they have achieved, created or conjured up.

We try to set a good example for the younger classes by being engaged in learning, having smiles on our faces (even when the going gets tough) and not sweating the small stuff.


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