Bedmond Academy
September 24 2018

Years 3/4


Welcome to Year 3/4

Mrs Waters is the Year 3/4 teacher and Mrs Bishop is the class teaching assistant.

We enjoy learning at Bedmond Academy because learning is made fun and interesting. We are lucky enough to take part in Forest Schools which we enjoy thoroughly. We learn lots every day and are constantly growing. We enjoy working with our friends, working outside and exploring new experiences. We are in charge of The Play Leaders and like helping the younger children with games during our lunch time. This responsibility means we are constantly learning new leadership skills.


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Home Learning

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Home Learning Autumn 1 6:33 am 09/27/201833.1k

Home Learning Autumn 2 8:29 am 11/09/201833.1k

Home Learning Spring 1 8:44 pm 01/10/201934.6k

Home Learning Summer 1 7:39 am 04/26/201934.4k

Home Learning Summer 2 10:11 pm 06/06/201935.1k