Bedmond Academy
May 18 2018

School Council


The Bedmond Academy School Council is run across all year groups. We hold an election day in school for each pupil and member of staff to vote. Votes are counted and then the School Council will be revealed in assembly. When the School Council was set up the focus was on the vote being fair and we learnt what it means to be part of a democracy. This is why a child in Year 1, for example, is allowed to vote for the representatives in every year group. We try to do a vote every term but this is dependent on the task the current School Council is given.

The current School Council went to their classes and asked them what they wanted to improve. The children in the school said that they wanted the school to ‘look prettier and nicer’. This lead to the children running a Christmas Fair stall and trying to raise as much money as they could. The PTA kindly gave us some money to spend and the children have chosen to spend it on new tables and chairs.

The children have chosen Year 2 as the class to receive the new furniture first and have put together 2 different designs with costings. They are hoping to go to Miss Harris soon with their ideas and get it approved so Year 2 can receive new tables and chairs.