Bedmond Academy
May 10 2018

Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been broken down into two documents; the topic and knowledge organiser. At the start of each term, your class teacher will send these documents home with each child. These are a useful starting point for families to do some research, support homework or just to have a conversation with your child about what they are doing at school. All the documents will also be uploaded to the schools website for you to access whenever you would like.

The topic organiser is an overview document of all the subjects and aspects we will teach the children throughout the term. It also highlights the over arching theme, e.g. The Greeks or The Seaside. The subjects on this documents are mainly organised into three areas:

  • Primary subjects = these are the focus subjects for this term
  • The secondary subjects = these subjects will also be covered but will not be a focus
  • The discrete subjects = the subjects that are taught but that do not link to the over arching theme.

You will find there are some additional subjects and boxes for the other areas that we want to cover with the children. These include a celebration box to showcase how we will celebrate the subjects, learning and achievements. There is also an outdoor learning and creativity box which will bring in other skills and areas we are going to cover. As you know PSHE and our school values underpin all learning that takes place so we have outlined what we will be covering in these areas also.

The knowledge organiser gives the reader an overview of all the knowledge we will be imparting to the children. By giving this out we hope that all children will be able to read through the exciting and fun facts we are going to be teaching. It will expose them to all the language that will be used and give them a fact sheet to come back to during lessons and at home. By giving out this knowledge before hand we hope to then be able to delve deeper with the children into the knowledge we will be covering as well as give them the opportunity to add in anything else they would like to learn about that theme or an area they would like to know more about.


Year 1 phonics screening check

Nationally, all children in Year 1 are assessed for their phonic understanding towards the end of the year. The check takes place in June when each child reads 40 words out loud to a teacher. The results are shared with you with their annual report and and their teacher will assess whether he or she needs extra help with reading. If your child does not pass the check, they will complete it again in Year 2.

Key stage 1

All children in Year 2 are required to complete a Key stage 1 test. At Bedmond Academy, we try to keep these as low-key as possible. The tests cover:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths

Your child will take the tests in the Spring Term.

Key stage 2

All children in Year 6 are required to complete assessments called SATs.  These test your child’s skills in:

  • English reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths
Your child will take these national tests in May when they reach the end of key stage 2 and you will receive the test results as well as the results of your child’s teacher assessments with their annual school report.


Aspire Curriculum

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